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What is Transforming Mutual Care?

Transforming Mutual Care is a soul care equipping curriculum based on the “one another” passages of Scripture. It will equip you as a follower of Christ to do mutual discipleship and care at a whole new level.

Throughout this study, we will look at 10 of the central “one another” commands of the New Testament. Each chapter begins with a short introduction to help you understand the command and its true biblical meaning. You will then be encouraged to actually live out these commands in the context of Gospel Community at Radiant and in your circle.

At the end of each chapter are specific discussion questions to help your group self-assess and care for one another through loving accountability. Throughout these 6 weeks we will learn to comfort, encourage, pray, and care for one another in a way that glorifies God and gives hope and help to those who are hurting.

Life Groups at Radiant

Your life group is your primary connection to the church and the place where the deepest relationships usually form, because this is where we live life in Christ together, where we obey Jesus command to love each other the way that he loved us (John 13:34-35).

We suggest that you join the group that is closest to where you live in order to best facilitate living life together.

Radiant Church offers an array of opportunities for every disciple to grow in relationship to Jesus Christ and connect with others. These opportunities include dynamic weekend worship services, small groups, and fellowship activities.


Contact us with any questions or comments at info@radiantaustin.com.